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Use Case Diagram is an interaction of user’s with the system.  User who belongs to outside the system boundary interacts with the system. It captures the dynamic behavior of the system. It helps to identity the internal and external factors affecting the system.

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Question:- Draw a use case diagram of retailer. Retailer (administrator or manager) acts as actor and uses different use cases. The retailer starts with the login process. After validation the Retailer can perform all the mentioned actions.


Use Case Diagram of Retailer


                                               use case

Add Customer

Pre Condition

When a customer wants to buy something from shop, firstly he will be registered

Post condition

Customer successfully registered

Actor’s Action System Response
1.customer request for registration3. Customer corrects his information.




Add product:

2.i   If customer information is correct thencustomer is registered and use case ends.2.ii  If customer request is not correct thensystem gives an error message         indicating the error.2.iii System check the given login name          with the existing login name. if exist then ask user to give another login name4.   customer information is saved andsuccessful message is displayed. 



1. Manager select add new product option.3. Manager gives input to the system with the new product information.4. Manager click the add product button.6. Manager corrects the wrong information and select add product.  2.  The System displayed the relevant input fields that is required for new product..5. System validates product name and if valid then new product is added into the database.7. System display successful addedMessage.                               .


 Delete a product

1.1.1    Delete Product


The company wants to delete a specific product.


Product is deleted and it is not available for sale

Typical Course of Actions

1. Manager select delete product option. 3. Manager updates the product information like product name, unit   and category name.5. Manager clicks the close update product form. 2.  The System display message that are you sure to delete the product.4. System validates product name and if valid then product is updated and System display successful added Message.                               .

 1.1.2    Stock Tracking


If any item is broken, expired or returned then its history is maintain.


Stock updates are available in the database.

Typical Course of Actions

 Actor’s Action                                               System Responses

1. Company selects any option (Broken, expired, return) option from the product form.3. Manager gives the quantity how much quantity will be minus from the stock. 2.  The system acquires how much quantity      is damaged, return.4. System will check whether this is valid quantity about this specific product. If correct then added to the database otherwise ask him to give correct quantity.5. System display successful updateMessage.