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A SQL JOIN clause is used in query to combine records from multiple tables. Two or more tables get interconnected using common column. It is used to get the summarize information from the tables. Join are basically of two types-

  1. Inner Join (Equi-join and non-Equi-join)
  2. Outer Join(Left outer join, Right outer join and Full outer join).

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Question:-The aim of this document is to write the user define sql queries that can help the user to view the customize the database.( Note:-The queries are run on the oracle 10G express edition.  )


Display a list of all data contained within the BOOKS table.

select * from Books;


Question:-List the title only of all the books available in inventory, using the BOOKS table.

Select Title from books


Question:- List the title and publication date for each book in the BOOKS table. Use the column heading of Publication Date for the Pubdate field.


select Title,pubdate as “Publication Date” from Books;


Question:- List the customer number for each customer in the CUSTOMERS table, along with the city and state in which they reside.

Solution:- Select customer#, City,State from customers;


Question:-Create a list containing the name of each publisher, the person usually contacted, and the telephone number of the publisher. Rename the contact column Contact Person in the displayed results.

Solution:- select name, contact as “Contact Person”, phone from PUBLISHER;


Question:- Determine which categories are represented by the current book inventory. List each category only once.

Solution:-select distinct(category) from books


Question:-List the customer number from the ORDERS table for each customer who has placed an order with the bookstore. List each customer number only once.

Solution:- select distinct(Customer#) from orders


Question:-Create a list of each book title stored in the BOOKS table and the category in which each book belongs. Reverse the sequence of the columns so the category of each book is listed first.

Solution:- select category, title from books


Question:-List the first and last name of each author in the AUTHORS table.

Solution: – select lname, fname from AUTHOR


Question:-Create a list of authors that displays the last name followed by the first name for each author.

The last names and first names should be separated by a comma and a blank space.

Solution: – select lname||’, ‘||fname as name from AUTHOR