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Data dictionary is a Meta repository and it contains all files in the database. It is a set of tables in read only format and provide information about the database. It contains the definition of all the schema object in the database, information on how space being allocated for schema object, default value on columns and privilege of roles granted to the users.

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Data dictionary includes the data table structure and the domain. Data dictionary is the meta data which stores the information about the tables and the core entities.


The following are the entities given in the case study.

  • Customers
  • Customer Invoices
  • Staff
  • Staff Level
  • Technical Support Calls
  • Access types
  • Plantype
  • Payrate
  • CallStatus

 Data dictionary

Data dictionary includes the data table structure and the domain

Access types
Column Name                  Data Type
accesstype#                      VARCHAR (20)                 notnull PK IDENTITY
maxspeed                           VARCHAR (20)                 Notnull

Column Name                                  Data

access type#,                                    VARCHAR (20)                 Notnull
planname#,                                       VARCHAR(20)                  Notnull PK
shapedspeed                                     VARCHAR(50)                  Notnull
offpeak                                                INT                                        Notnull
onpeak                                                 INT                                        Notnull
price VARCHAR(20)                                                                      Notnull Price of the plan (include $)


Column Name                                  Data Type

CustID                                                  Number                               Not null PK

UserNAME                                         Varchar(15)                      Not Null

planname#                                        VARCHAR(50)                  Not null
firstname                                            VARCHAR(50)                  Not null
lastname                                             VARCHAR(50)                  Not null
address                                                VARCHAR(50)                                                  Not null
DOB                                                      Date

ContactNo                                          Varchar(30)
Column Name                                  Data Type
username                                           VARCHAR(15) Not null Fk
invoice#                                              INT Not null PK IDETITY
Date                                                      Date Not null YYYY-MM-DD (default format)
amountowing                                   VARCHAR(20) Not null Amount in dollars

Staff number
Column Name                                  Data Type
staffID                                                  VARCHAR(30) Not null PK IDENTITY
first name                                           VARCHAR (50) Not null
lastname                                             VARCHAR(50) Not null
contactnumber                                VARCHAR(20) Not null
hiredate                                               DATE Not null
mentor#                                             VARCHAR(20) Not null


Column Name Data Type & Length Null Constraints Other
staffID, VARCHAR(30) Not null PK IDENTITY
levelname VARCHAR(20) Not Null FK
payrate MONEY Not null

Technical Support Calls

Column Name Data Type & Length Null Constraints Other
username#, VARCHAR(15) Not null fk
StaffID VARCHAR(30) Not null Pk IDENTITY
summary TEXT Not null
misc TEXT Not null
datetime Datetime Not null Date and time can be combined
status VARCHAR(50) Not null
duration TINYINT Not null Time small
HOLDmin TINYINT Not null Time small


Physical database design



Callstatus is a separate table to add new status as well. Similarly new pay rates can be added.