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Relational schema is table attributes design that showcases the relationship using logical data model. It is also called as relational paradigm. An E-R diagram is usually converted in relational schema mapping relationship.

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Question:-The aim of this task is to define the relational schema and to normalize it. The normalization includes all the three normal forms. The relations are divided into more sub relations where the functional and partial dependencies are removed.


Employee(Employee_ID, Employee_name, payroll_address, date_employeed, skills, year_Employeed)

a)      Relational Schema:


The employee table is divided into two tables.

Employee which contains the following columns

Employee_ID, mployee_name, payroll_address, data_employeed


EmployeeID, Skills

Both are primary keys.

b)The employee table has following dependencies which are shown in diagram.


The EmpSkills table has following dependencies which are also shown here.


c) As both the table are fully dependent upon the primary key of both tables and not on any other attributes so the relations are in already in 3NF

Figure 3.9-B



After decomposing because the no_of_passenger can be calculated field from the booking entity



Functional dependency diagram




c) The above relations are already in3NF and there is no attributes other than the primary key which identify any non key attributes.

Figure below


The movie_id is acting as primary key in the movie table but as a foreign key in the DVD table which is stock table.

The copy_number and movie number is both composite primary key here.

b) Functional dependency diagram.

Movie Table


DVD Table:


c) The above all tables are in 3NF

Figure 5.5



The given table is in the form as

Shipment(shippmentID, Origin, destination,ShipNumber,ShipmentDate,ExpectedArrival,Captain, itemNumber,Type,Description,Weight, Quantity,TotalWeight,ShipmentTotal)

The table is in first normal form there are many repeated groups so we have to remove them

b) Functional dependency diagram for the given table


The table has many data redundancy so it need to be split.

Those columns that are fully dependent upon the shipmentID will be converted into one table

Shipment(ShipmentID, Destinatiion, ShipNumber, Origin, ExpectedDate,ShipmentDate,captain)

Item(ItemNumber,Type, description, weight, Quantity)

ShipItem(ShipmenID, ItemNumber, Quantity)

The total quantity is derived from the quantity column so it is not included in the schema.



Three NF


The above schema is in 3NF as all the attributes in the each entity is only dependent upon the primary key of that entity. There is no transitive relationship between any attributes.