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Our customers have left some genuine reviews about the experience they had when using our services. You can see these reviews below to get an idea of what to expect when you hire us to do your homework. The reviews describe the quality of work we provide, the time it takes us to deliver, and our price point, among other things. 

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  • Is databasehomeworkhelp.com legit?
  • Why are you the best database homework help service?
  • Are the reviews on your site original?
  • How can I leave a review on your website?

Completed my homework on time

Deadline: 3 days

They delivered my homework on time. This service got recommended to me by a friend, and I am glad I hired them for my homework. They responded very fast to my order and since this was urgent homework, they went out of their way to ensure that they completed it on time. The solutions were excellent, would recommend them.

Flag of United States
Michael Hardwick, United States
3rd Nov 2021

They have the best solutions

Deadline: 2 days

In all my college life, I have not found a service that delivers better solutions than this one. The fourth time I am using them to complete my homework, and every time, I am impressed by them. The professionalism of their experts and the well-organized homework they deliver is why I always come back. They are great at what they do.

Flag of United Kingdom
Ericka Jones, United Kingdom
16th Nov 2021

Price was very affordable

Deadline: 3 days

I am grateful for the good job they did on my homework, and the low price they charged me for it. Even though it was a lengthy homework, they allowed me to negotiate the price and even gave me a first-time user discount. Despite the low price, they still followed every instruction I gave, and my expectations were met.

Flag of South Africa
Justin Freeman, South Africa
5th Dec 2021

Helped me get a good grade

Deadline: 1 days

They helped me get a good grade on my database homework. I needed them to complete this homework before the end of the day and I had also requested that they give me a good grade. They not only did that, but they even got me the highest grade in my class. Will refer you to all my friends.

Flag of United Kingdom
Cynthia Paolo, United Kingdom
7th Jan 2022

They are reliable

Deadline: 2 days

Most reliable homework help service! I had urgent database homework that I was worried would not be completed on time. It was last-minute homework on a complex topic that I had not studied for. When I paid them to write this for me, they reassured me that they would deliver as I needed and they did.

Flag of United Kingdom
Paul Mendes, United Kingdom
20th Jan 2022

Prompt communication

Deadline: 4 days

They are very prompt in their communication. My order was responded to very fast and they began working on it immediately. I also appreciated the updates I got from the expert I was working with which made working with him very seamless. The price was a bit high for this homework but the quality was amazing so I didn’t mind it.

Flag of United Kingdom
Cassidy Brown, United Kingdom
9th Feb 2022

They are very knowledgeable

Deadline: 4 days

When I reached out to you to do my database homework, I was a bit skeptical about whether you could deliver what I wanted. My homework was on a very specific topic and the instructions were even more specific. I needed someone very knowledgeable so that I could get a good grade and you got me that. Love it.

Flag of United States
Calvin Miller, United States
25th Feb 2022

Professional team

Deadline: 4 days

The most professional team I have worked with. I was very new to this service and I also had many queries when I reached out to them for my homework. I love how they were patient with me and how they guided me through the whole process of making my order. I did have to ask for a revision on one part and that was done promptly.

Flag of Canada
Ashley Gray, Canada
11th Mar 2022

Glad I paid them to do my homework

Deadline: 5 days

Glad I paid them to do my database homework because I can now say I got my money’s worth. My homework was quite lengthy and complex and I appreciated the effort they put into making it excellent. The research needed for this was well done and I could see it through the answers provided. Would strongly recommend it.

Flag of New Zealand
Andrew Curwen, New Zealand
7th Apr 2022

Price was fair

Deadline: 3 days

Their prices are very fair. The second time I am using this service for my homework needs and the reason I returned is the impressive results they gave me last time. They are really pleasant to work with. Even though this was not urgent homework, they still delivered it to me on the same day. Will be returning for sure.

Flag of United Kingdom
Austin Walters, United Kingdom
20th Apr 2022

They got me an A

Deadline: 5 days

Hired them to complete my database homework, and they delivered quality work. I am grateful for the extensive research they did and the presentation they did on the final homework. Love how it was easy to follow and I know I will be using this homework for my future revisions. Remarkable service would recommend.

Flag of United States
Katherine Dixon, United States
3rd May 2022

Thank you for your help

Deadline: 5 days

I am giving them a 5-star rating, but I wish I could give them even more than that. They have a very amazing team that was courteous to me throughout this process. Loved their fast responses and the final work they delivered. I did not even need to ask for any changes to my homework which saved time. Grateful.

Flag of Australia
Denise Young, Australia
14th May 2022

Perfectly done work

Deadline: 4 days

I am impressed with the work they did on my database homework. Being a returning customer, I was able to get a discount for that which made my price very low. I got to choose the expert who would do my homework and the communication with her was very open and polite. They are the best.

Flag of United States
Lilian Mica, United States
8th Jun 2022

I will be hiring them again

Deadline: 5 days

They wrote my database homework on time, and it was exactly as I instructed them. This was the only homework this semester, so I needed them to do it well to get me a grade that would boost my final grade. They kept their promise and delivered high-quality work. I will be hiring them again next semester for sure.

Flag of New Zealand
Matt Cantos, New Zealand
25th Jun 2022

Easy to work with

Deadline: 2 days

The easiest team to work with! After I had made my order, I needed to give some additional instructions and I am grateful for how accommodating they were. Even with the additional instructions, they still delivered this by my deadline which is something I appreciated. They came through for me, would recommend them.

Flag of United States
Patricia Egan, United States
1st Jul 2022

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Is databasehomeworkhelp.com legit?

Yes, it is 100% legit. We have been in operation for well over 8 years, whereby we have helped thousands of students with their homework. We are well known for having qualified and experienced experts that always provide accurate solutions. The professionalism and skill exuded by our experts are what sets us apart in this industry. Every homework that they handle is guaranteed to be of the highest quality and to get the best grades. The proof of our service is in the reviews we have gotten from our clients. We are a very transparent service and we only post original reviews whether they are positive or critical.

Why are you the best database homework help service?

Our accurate homework solutions make us the best database homework help service out here. We know that students seek out homework help services with the hope that they will get good grades on their homework. This is why we have some of the top experts in this field, to ensure that this is the case for each homework we complete. We also have some of the lowest prices in the market. Our prices, accompanied by the many discounts on our site, ensure that students from all backgrounds can afford our services. Even with our low prices, our quality remains the same; top-notch. Lastly, we provide original and plagiarism-free homework, that is always delivered on or before the deadline.

Are the reviews on your site original?

Yes, you can trust the reviews we post on our site since they are original and authentic. We only post reviews left by our clients about their individual experiences. Posting a review on our site requires you to have a valid order number. You, therefore, have to have been one of our customers to post anything. We do not edit out any of the reviews, regardless of whether they are positive or negative.

How can I leave a review on your website?

To leave a review on our website, you have to have been our customer in the recent past. You will need to have your order number to prove that this is the case. Once you have this, click on the leave your feedback button on the site, fill in the necessary details, including your name and order number and click on submit. Make sure that you are honest in your review, it can be positive or negative, but it has to be about your experience only. We will confirm whether you were our client in the past, and if your review does not violate our terms of service, it will be posted. You will receive a confirmation on whether your review was accepted or rejected.