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  • Terms and conditions for database homework help

Terms and conditions for database homework help

Database homework help is a reliable source of quality solutions for students. Our terms and conditions describe our engagement with you, and the rules you should follow while seeking services from us. We strive to provide the best database homework help. We have a team of highly experienced tutors who will guide you through your tasks. Quality is our number one priority. Therefore our terms and conditions are only meant to guide our relationship and engagement. However, if you have had challenges with the other platforms you have worked with, hire experienced tutors from us today. We strive for excellence and offer excellence.

Terms and conditions

Please read these terms and conditions carefully before subscribing to the services of database homework help. Using this website means that you have accepted and complied with all the terms and conditions mentioned here. The terms and conditions apply to all visitors of this website, whether new or old. If by any chance you do not agree to the stated terms, desist from using the website’s services. It’s important to know that violation of these terms and conditions will be dealt with through the law.


When creating an account on this platform, all the information you provide is expected to be accurate and competitive. Providing false information or information belonging to another person will constitute a breach of the terms and may lead to either termination or closure of your account. Also, you will be solely responsible for protecting the password you generate on this platform. You will not be expected to share the password with third parties. Should you notice any security breach, you are expected to notify database homework help with immediate effect, so that the necessary action can be taken.
Database homework help is the sole owner of all the content and any other intellectual property rights found on this website. This includes all the videos, text, images, software, and any other file. As a customer, or a visitor to this website, you are not allowed to copy, modify, distribute, sell, publish, post, or frame any content, or software available here without written permission. Note that all company graphics, designs, logos, scripts, and headers are also part of our intellectual property.

Price and payment

All our services will only be provided through this website. We will not work on your order before you make payment. Note that payments will be agreed upon with our team based on the work bulk. We will not be held responsible for any charges that your bank will charge during the transaction. All payments will be paid through our official payment channels. As a client, you are only allowed to use this website for the provided services only, and in that matter for legal purposes. Should we know that you are using this website for transactions other than the stated ones, or for illegal purposes, we will terminate our contract with you, and we will not refund any paid amounts.

Confidential information

All the information you provide on this website regarding the provision of a service will be treated as confidential information. All the other information which will not be related to the provision of service will not be treated as confidential information. If you want to publish materials through our website, such as blogs related to our services, you must first seek permission from the website managers. If the content is termed as good, and fit for the website, it will be considered for publishing. Note that we do not pay people who willingly want to publish their content on our website.

Termination of contract

A contract between you and us is termed to be active once we accept to work on the service you have requested. The contract can be ended by either party. Databasehomeworkhelp.com can terminate a contract with you if we notice that you are not using the website for the agreed purpose. If you are deemed to be using the website for illegal purposes, you will either be suspended or blocked from accessing our services, and more that, you will not receive any refund. You will also not receive any refund for a service underway by our team, should you decide to terminate the contract.
Note that the term of this contract will be agreed upon between us. The times mentioned in the agreement will not change unless there is a circumstance beyond our team’s control. Note that if you decide to increase the service you have requested from our team, we will increase the charge, as well to cover the additional service. We are dedicated to ensuring that we deliver what you ask for without interruptions and at the agreed time.

Changing information during service delivery

During service provision, you are not allowed to change the information you provide to us. We have a dedicated team of experts whom we pay to complete your order. Changing information will be an inconvenience to them. Should you need to change the order you had requested earlier, you will be expected to pay for the new order or the changes.

Fraudulent transactions

To make your payments easier, we use both credit cards and popular online payment methods. Should you notice that someone has used your credit card or any other payment method to conduct business with us, contact our team immediately? We do not encourage money laundering or fraudulent transactions, and that is why we have a fraud control team. Therefore should you notice that a payment has been made to our platform without your knowledge, let us know, and we will act immediately.
Should we notice that you have used another person’s payment methods to conduct a transaction with us, we will terminate our contract with you, and you will be liable for the damages. We encourage transparent dealings.

Limitation of liability

Note that we do not have a warranty or guarantee on the accuracy, sustainability, or timeliness of the information we provide on this platform. The information we provide here may contain errors or come incorrect information. We will, therefore, not be held accountable for errors found on this platform. As you agree to the terms of use found in this section, you are expected to hold database homework help free from any claims especially in connection to the breach of the provided terms.

Changing our terms and conditions

We or our content developers can change or make improvements to these terms and conditions at any time and without notifying you. You are expected to visit this page from time to time to familiarize yourself with any changes or additions that may have been affected.

Dispute resolution

In case there is a dispute between us in connection to service delivery or our terms of use, then you agree to solve the dispute by engaging us in good faith for mediation before starting litigation.

Governing law

All our terms and services are governed by law and therefore all legal avenues should be carried forward per the law. If any part of our terms and services are termed to be invalid or unenforceable by a court of law, the remaining terms will remain in effect.