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Database homework help refund policy

Our refund policy describes circumstances under which you can ask for a refund from our team. We are committed to ensuring that you get the best database homework help. However, there are circumstances under which refunds may be inevitable such as when there is a double payment. We are a credible team that is always ready to maintain its good reputation. We have a customer care team that is dedicated to handling all issues related to payments. Therefore, when you hire an expert from us to do your database homework, you can be sure we will deliver in time. Should we fail to deliver, you can invoke the refund clause and get your money back.

Our refund policy

We protect all our clients and work hard to ensure that we deliver all services on time. We have a money-back clause that is applicable on several occasions. Should we fail to deliver your work 24 hours after the deadline, you are entitled to a full refund of your money? Note that for you to qualify for a refund, you are required to explain why you are seeking the refund. If you qualify, the fund will be sent to the same account used to pay the money.


If there are areas that you would like to be changed in the task we have completed, you can ask for a revision from our team. All revisions are supposed to be conducted three weeks after the work submission. Note that if you need additions to a task that had already been completed, that will not count as a revision. In such a case the additional task will be charged differently.

Cancellation of a task

Cancellation is supposed to happen within 1 hour after placing the order. This is because all homework is assigned to our experts immediately after an order has been placed. If you term a task as urgent, then we do not allow cancellation. Should you cancel an order termed as urgent, then you will not qualify for any refund.

What we consider in our refund policy

  1. If you make two payments for the same task, you are expected to provide proof of payment. After it is ascertained and approved by our team, we will initiate a refund, and the extra money will be refunded.
  2. Should you decide to cancel an order before it has been assigned to a tutor, you will be eligible to make another order which matches the previous one so that you are not charged more. Should you cancel an order that is in progress then you will not be eligible for a refund. This is because we pay each of our tutors before the commencement of a task.
  3. If during an order you decide to change the instruction or make additions to the original order. The additions will be treated differently. This is because we charge according to the original instructions you sent to us during an order.
  4. Should we fail to get someone to work on your order within 24 hours after submission, we will notify your son that we can initiate the process of a refund.
  5. Note that we will not offer refunds for any online tests or quizzes. We do not allow for the cancellation of online homework that is in progress.
  6. Circumstances under which you cannot qualify for a refund
  7. If you are unable to prove that the service provided by our team was not satisfactory. Note that we accept proofs inform of attachments and sent to our official email address.
  8. If you had submitted half work to our team, you are expected to pay for it. Should you want to make additions, they will be charged differently.
  9. If you cancel an order you had termed as urgent, then you will not qualify for a refund.
  10. If you fail to initiate a refund within two weeks after the completion of the task, then you do not qualify for a refund.